Brian Johnson Shares Final Memory Of Malcolm Young

Brian Johnson Shares Final Memory Of Malcolm Young | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Malcolm Young was the driving force behind the scenes of AC/DC. Malcolm significantly influenced their sound by contributing original guitar riffs, ideas, and leadership. Brian Johnson was fully aware of this, despite the fact that he joined the group rather later. The singer claimed that Malcolm was the true creator of AC/DC, leaving behind a legacy that few others can equal.

When Bon Scott’s replacement, Johnson, was brought in following the frontman’s demise, he had a significant hurdle. However, he and the Young brothers were able to find the right chemistry and kept up the AC/DC history. Although everything was going smoothly, Malcolm’s dementia began to cause problems in 2014. His performance was hampered by his short-term memory loss, which led him to leave the band. Malcolm wished AC/DC to continue with his approval even after he retired.

Sadly, Malcolm passed away at age 64 on November 18, 2017, from the illness. In a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone, Brian discussed Malcolm’s passing and shared his final recollection of him.

“On the Black Ice tour, he was just amazing,” Johnson recalled, “Even though he had to relearn some of the songs. That was dementia kicking in, the evil silent thing. You can’t see it with an X-ray machine or anything like that. It is just nasty. It wasn’t so bad during the making of the album. He was still pretty good. He had some great riffs on that one as well. But as the tour went on, it started to dig in. But I will never forget the last night. Malcolm had a fire in his eyes you could spot a mile away.”

“By the time of the Rock or Bust tour, he was pretty much being taken care of and searching for cures or how to try to stop this thing,” he added. “About three-and-a-half years ago, he came over to Florida to talk to a neurologist friend of mine. But I think it was pretty much too late. I was in the hospital in Australia two years ago getting an operation, and the guys’ said Malcolm was in the next wing.”

He wanted to see Malcolm despite his vegetative state, but the doctors refuse due to the fact that they didn’t want Young to be excited, given that the latter was in a pacemaker. “It was f***ed up. That was a toughie. Maybe it is good I didn’t see him because that would have broken my heart.”