The Rock Stars Who Married Movie Stars And Their Life Together

The Rock Stars Who Married Movie Stars And Their Life Together | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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It’s easy to marry an actor/actress if you’re a rock star, partly because you are both in the industry where the filming cameras in front of you are deemed “normal.” Excess living, highly-publicized romance, and many more are the key components of their relationship, and the lives of these seven rockstars who married actresses could prove to you that.


Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp finally proposed to his long-time girlfriend Meg Ryan in 2018, following their on-again, off-again relationship from the media.

Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon

The highly-publicized on-again, off-again relationship of Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon lasted for twelve years and were only married for a year. Simon wrote many songs about Fisher and their relationship.

Barbara Bach and Ringo Starr

The two met on-set of the comedy movie “Caveman.” While the movie was a commercial flop, Bach and Starr, however, blossomed into a long-lasting relationship.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Perhaps one of the most publicized and controversial couples during their time, Tommy Lee of Motley Crue married Pamela Anderson, model/actress in the TV series “Baywatch.” Their married was full of controversy due to the leaked honeymoon sex tape of the two that were stolen. Abuse, drugs, and numerous splits took a toll on their marriage, and they ended in 1998.

Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie Van Halen

When Van Halen visited Valerie’s town, she knew she’d have to use her privilege as a star on a TV show to get backstage passes. The two met and married suddenly in 1981, producing one child, Wolfgang. The couple divorced in 2007 due to Van Halen’s addictions.

Daryl Hannah and Neil Young

The two met through mutual advocacy about the environment and they began dating afterward. They were married in 2018.

Cher and Greg Allman

The two got married just a few days after Cher’s divorce from Sonny Bono and had a son, Elijah Blue. They divorced after two years.