10 Moments Why Queen’s Career Is More Legendary Than You Remember

10 Moments Why Queen’s Career Is More Legendary Than You Remember | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Queen - The Beat Goes On /YouTube

There’s nothing more iconic than Queen in terms of phenomenal songs and groundbreaking performances. Whether or not you’re a fan of the group, chances are you’ve probably heard any song of them, and have shouted to “We Will Rock You” at least once in your life. If that’s not iconic as it’ll ever be, then we don’t know what is. Below are the ten moments inside Queen’s career that are tailor-made to the description of “legendary.” Take a look.


Their Live Aid Performance

Easily one of the finest moments in rock history, Live Aid contained the most memorable performance from this British rock band. There’s no doubt about it; if you saw their 20-minute performance, you’d be basking in the supreme ambiance of these renowned rockers.

Queen’s Collaboration with David Bowie

It was a fantastic dream come true when the two domineering musicians of the industry have come together to create something remarkable. “Under Pressure,” is the child from David Bowie’s collaboration with Queen.

Queen’s Live Performance at Hyde Park

Would you believe that one of the finest performances from Queen happened during a free concert? It was believed that their concert at London Hyde Park was attended by at least 150,000 people.

“Another One Bites The Dust”

This funky song is often credited as the group’s best-selling single, garnering sales for over 7 million copies. It was all thanks to Michael Jackson’s suggestion that this song should be released as a single.

“I Want To Break Free”

The world went crazy for Queen’s “I Want To Break Free” music video, featuring the quartet in women’s clothing. While many enjoyed their gimmick, a lot of people got offended, leading MTV to ban this video.

“Bohemian Rhapsody”

Absolutely no one could deny that this perhaps, is the greatest song ever. The elements of rock, pop, and opera were perfectly blended to create this incredibly amazing piece of music. Queen soared high like a mighty eagle for this one.

Their Saturday Night Live Performance

In 1982, Queen went back to the US to perform a special number in SNL, singing their US hits, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Under Pressure.” This performance turned out to be the final performance of the group in the country.

The 1990 Brit Awards

During the 1990 Brit Awards, Queen bagged the award for “Outstanding Contribution to British Music.” As happy as the award was, it turned out to be the final appearance of Queen’s frontman Freddie Mercury in public. Years later, he’d die of an AIDS-related disease.

Greatest Hits Album

It’s quite obvious that a band as impressive as Queen could easily sell their Greatest Hits album for over 25 million copies. Not only is this the group’s best-selling album, but is also one of the best-selling albums of all time.

The 2012 Virtual Olympic Performance

After all these years, Mercury’s impact on the world can still be felt everywhere. One example of this is during the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, where Mercury appeared for everyone via large screens, as he shouted his classic chant for everybody to follow. The remaining members of Queen also appeared live at the event.