Don’t Miss Out And Watch Aerosmith’s 1988 ‘Dream On’ Live

Don’t Miss Out And Watch Aerosmith’s 1988 ‘Dream On’ Live | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Rock Archive / Youtube

It seems like Aerosmith does have a knack for creating magnificent power ballads that not only showcases Steven Tyler’s soaring high voice but also the band’s dynamic rhythm. That’s particularly the things worth noticing for their classic rock staple “Dream On,” a single from their self-titled debut album.

It all began when the young Tyler observes his father playing the piano with classical songs that he began to take an interest in writing his own material. Mostly relying on the piano instrument, Tyler takes the first part by sitting down in front of a piano as he sang; it’s a common gesture whenever the band decides to play this gem live.

The rock ballad turned out to be a successful one for the group specifically inside their hometown, Boston. Aside from that, they were also given the privilege to let their song be played on different radio stations across the country, which boosted their popularity even more. And since they were still the “newbies” of the music industry, such achievement is definitely a big deal for any of them. Tyler got struck with a lucky thunder when he composed this massive hit.

Below, is a 1988 live performance of Aerosmith for the song “Dream On” live in Houston, Texas. Enjoy!