The Rock Legends We Lost In 2021

The Rock Legends We Lost In 2021 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

A tribute to Bunny Wailer - Consequence of Sound/ YouTube

The year 2020 left a huge mess to be fixed by 2021. As the pandemic rose killing thousands of people, we can all agree that this is one of the worst things to ever happen to us. Moreover, the same thing has happened in the rock-and-roll industry. Concerts were postponed, human interactions can no longer be safe nor encouraged, and a person’s health may be fluctuating due to stress and anxiety present. And so to commemorate the loss of our beloved heroes, here are the rock legends we lost in the year 2021.

10. Gerry Marsden

The founder of the group Gerry and the Pacemakers, their popularity rose in the ‘60s with three consecutive chart-topping hits. He died due to a blood infection.

9. Sylvain Sylvain

He was an American guitarist known from the band The New York Dolls. He died because of cancer.

8. Mary Wilson

The leader and the founder of the prominent group called The Supremes. She died due to Hypertensive heart disease.

7. Chick Corea

He is a composer, bandleader, keyboardist, and percussionist. He died due to cancer.

6. Francoise Cactus

She was a French musician from the group die Lolitas. She died because of breast cancer.

5. Ian North

He was an American musician famously known as a part of the Milk ‘n Cookies band. He died due to a heart attack.

4. Hilton Valentine

He was an English skiffle and rock and roll guitarist originally from the group, the Animals. He died for unknown reasons.

3. Tim Bogert

He was an American musician from the respective groups of Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, and Beck, Bogert, and Appice. He died because of cancer.

2. Bunny Wailer

He was among the original members of the Wailers, a reggae group together with Bob Marley. He died due to complications of a stroke.

1. Alan Cartwright

He was an English bass player from the band, Procol Harum, known for its progressive and psychedelic rock. He died due to stomach cancer.