The Chosen 3: The Beach Boys’ Finest Songs

The Chosen 3: The Beach Boys’ Finest Songs | I Love Classic Rock Videos

The Beach Boys performs “Barbara Ann” Live - danbanrock1 / YouTube

As the British Invasion spurred around the people in the whole world, the US did not have much of the musical abilities, or at least not as genius as the group of the Beach Boys. Centered on the Californian style obviously evoked for their songs about beach, girls, surfing, and the sun, these boys did have a knack of virtuoso inside the west-coast living sensations. And though they have an awful lot of good songs in the past, below, we present to you the top 3 finest songs of the Beach Boys as a reminder for their great talents assembled as a group.

3. “In My Room”

Part of what makes the Beach Boys so commercially successful was because of the innocence appearing from their songs and their personality. However, if you take away that innocence coming out of their track “In My Room”, and you’re left with a horrible, dark meaning behind it. The Wilson brothers have long been open to their relationship with their abusive father, and this song showed a great deal of how the young Brian took his room as a safe haven from all the things he does not want to experience.

2. “Good Vibrations”

This was a Beach Boys’ all-pervasive track that was largely inspired by the “cosmic vibrations” that the Wilson brothers’ mother often told them. As a kid, Brian is fascinated with how the dogs bark at an awful person by feeling its bad vibrations. The song also helped in popularizing the term “good vibrations”, and its luscious entity altogether paired with a catchy tune defines some of the greatest pop music you’ll ever hear.

1. “God Only Knows”

If you try and search Beach Boys’ most famous song, this will pop out eventually from your results. A lot of people, including Paul McCartney himself, could show you why this is their most famous track up to date, for they have perfectly captured an unconditional love bottled inside this track. Considered as the “most famous pop song”, arguably, that’s not wrong. The creativity emanating is well thought-out, including the arrangement of its instruments. But what makes it so meaningfully good is up to the perception of the listeners.