What Made .38 Special So Successful

What Made .38 Special So Successful | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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For a group deeply immersed in the southern-rock genre, nothing could beat the success of the band .38 special. A fusion of veins from the Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers style, their skills to perform an eccentric, southern atmosphere for their fans is what makes them so special, as it says so in their band name.

The band leader, Donnie Van Zant, is the brother of the late Lynyrd Skynyrd singer, Ronnie. Like his big bro, Donnie would fuse the southern way of living to their records and performances. They are the epitome of the small band with thousands of admirers, ranging from the oldies down to the younger ones.

As the band progressed in their career, they only achieved moderate success on their first and second albums. However, they established their profession when they began touring in places that generated a lot of followers and admirers, mostly performing in small yet sold-out arenas that helped them maintain their popularity among the other bands. Following this, they embarked on a series of rock songs, with Van Zant handling utmost of the composition, frequently using the powers of austral hymns and vibrant melodies that depict the South. Some of their most famous tracks are “Caught Up In You” “If I’d been the One,” and “Like No Other Night.”

You can listen to .38 special’s “Caught Up In You” here.