The Reason “Darlin” Is Brian Wilson’s Favorite Song He Wrote

The Reason “Darlin” Is Brian Wilson’s Favorite Song He Wrote | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Brian Wilson, the musical genius behind The Beach Boys, recently revealed that his favorite song he wrote is “Darlin’.” In a surprising departure from the band’s rock ‘n’ roll roots, Wilson expressed his love for the melody of this lesser-known track. Despite its moderate success, “Darlin'” has left an indelible mark, inspiring covers by renowned artists.

The Melodic Magic of “Darlin'”

In a 2015 interview with American Songwriter, Brian Wilson was asked about his songwriting process. He shared that his approach involves sitting down at the piano, playing chords, and allowing the melody and lyrics to naturally evolve. When asked to name his favorite song that he wrote, he said:

“I like a song called ‘Darlin’.’ I just like the melody.”

This revelation highlights the depth of Wilson’s appreciation for the track and its unique musical qualities.

Surprising Departure from Rock ‘n’ Roll

It’s noteworthy that “Darlin'” strays from the traditional rock ‘n’ roll sound associated with The Beach Boys. Despite the band’s versatility across genres like pop, psychedelia, and new wave, this particular track showcases a departure from their signature style. However, Wilson’s fondness for “Darlin'” transcends genre boundaries, as he stated:

“I stick to rock ‘n’ roll.”

Acknowledging Imperfection

In the interview, Wilson also addressed the imperfections he perceives in his songwriting. While reflecting on his early work, he admitted:

“Well, along the way, after I recorded some songs in the early ’60s, I would listen back and say, ‘Oh, if only I had sung it in a lower key.'”

However, when pressed to recall a specific song he would change, Wilson expressed contentment, stating:

“No, actually not.”

The Modest Impact and Notable Covers

Despite not achieving the chart-topping success of some of The Beach Boys’ earlier hits, “Darlin'” found moderate success, peaking at No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100. The track appeared on the album “Wild Honey,” which reached No. 24 on the Billboard 200. Although not a massive commercial success, “Darlin'” left a lasting impression, inspiring notable covers by various artists. David Cassidy, Herb Alpert, and She & Him all put their spin on “Darlin’.” This showcases the enduring appeal of the song beyond its initial release.