Josh Freese Shares Experience Playing For Dave Grohl

Josh Freese Shares Experience Playing For Dave Grohl | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Since joining Foo Fighters as their new drummer, Josh Freese has been embracing his role with enthusiasm and sharing memorable experiences along the way. Recently, he took to Instagram to recount a special moment he shared with bandmate Dave Grohl during one of their shows.

A Musical Nod: Josh Freese’s Tribute to Dave Grohl

On his third show with Foo Fighters in Columbus, Ohio, Josh Freese surprised everyone, including Dave Grohl, by incorporating a reference to the Nine Inch Nails song “You Know What You Are” during the middle section of the song “Breakout.” In his Instagram post, Freese expressed his joy when Grohl recognized the reference and lit up with excitement. Ensuring Grohl caught the nod, Freese confirmed their musical connection and camaraderie.

Drumming Behind a Guitar Legend: Inspiring and Fun

Josh Freese shared his experience drumming alongside Dave Grohl:

“By the way, playing drums behind one of the world’s greatest guitarists is a total trip. Surprisingly not nerve-wracking but really just inspiring and fun. And that’s the truth, Ruth.”

As a seasoned drummer, Freese acknowledged the unique opportunity and the electric energy that permeated their performances. The chemistry between the two musicians fueled their creativity, resulting in a vibrant synergy on stage.

Justin Hawkins’ Endorsement of Josh Freese

Justin Hawkins of The Darkness acknowledges Freese’s exceptional talent and experience:

“The thing to remember is he was in Nine Inch Nails for a long time, and in order to be the drummer of Nine Inch Nails, you must be great. That’s the only thing you need to have is just greatness, and he’s got that. This is a brilliant appointment under, you know, it’s bittersweet obviously because we’d all prefer it if Taylor Hawkins was still alive, but in the absence of Taylor Hawkins, Josh Freese is a good call. That’s a good call,”

Hawkins’ endorsement further solidified Freese’s greatness as a musician and underscored the seamless fit he brings to the Foo Fighters