Dolly Parton Shares Intimate Busking Secret She Used To Do

Dolly Parton Shares Intimate Busking Secret She Used To Do | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Dolly Parton, the iconic country singer, recently shared a charming secret from her youth—her foray into busking during summer vacations spent in Knoxville, Tennessee. In this delightful revelation, Parton recalls her discovery that playing guitar with her case open on the ground could attract the attention of passersby and earn her some pocket money.

Discovering the Busking Talent

During her summer vacations in Knoxville, Dolly Parton found herself staying with her Aunt Estelle and Uncle Dot Watson. It was there that she realized the potential of playing guitar with her case open and receiving money from people passing by. Reflecting on those days, Parton shared:

“I could play guitar with my case on the ground and get money from people walking by. And the more ‘pitiful’ I looked, the more money I got.”

The Temptation of Jiffy Burgers

As the coins began to accumulate in her guitar case, Parton’s thoughts turned to a particular craving—an irresistible desire for Jiffy Burgers. These mouthwatering sliders, found near her aunt’s house, symbolized a taste of a life different from her mountain upbringing. Parton fondly reminisced:

“I wanted them more than anything. To me, they represented everything that mountain life wasn’t.”

With the realization that busking could provide a solution, Parton saw a means to earn money for her beloved burgers.

Embracing the Waif Image

Parton discovered that her busking success was influenced by her appearance. She shared an anecdote from her early busking days, recalling:

“I found myself taking steps to enhance my waif image. I would carry an old ragged shirt inside my guitar case, to put on for effect. I have to admit I could look plumb pitiful.”

Understanding the impact of her appearance on the generosity of passersby, Parton went the extra mile to create an authentic image that resonated with her audience.

From Busking to Songwriting

Dolly Parton’s busking experience served as inspiration for her songwriting endeavors. Years later, she co-wrote a song called “Nickels and Dimes” with her brother Floyd, drawing from her early days as a busker. The heartfelt composition became a reflection of her encounters and the journey she embarked upon to satiate her love for Jiffy Burgers.