All The Songs Stevie Nicks Wrote About Mick Fleetwood

All The Songs Stevie Nicks Wrote About Mick Fleetwood | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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The intricate web of relationships within Fleetwood Mac contributed to the band’s tumultuous journey, with romantic entanglements often fueling both creativity and discord. Following her split with longtime partner Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks found herself briefly entangled in an affair with drummer Mick Fleetwood. Though their relationship was short-lived, it served as a catalyst for Nicks’ songwriting, resulting in heartfelt compositions that captured the complexities of their connection.

“Storms”: A Reflection of Regret

One of the notable songs born out of Stevie Nicks’ affair with Mick Fleetwood is “Storms.” Composed shortly after their relationship ended, the track found its place on Fleetwood Mac’s 1979 album, Tusk. Nicks candidly expressed her regret and remorse regarding the affair, acknowledging the damage it inflicted upon Mick’s marriage to Jenny Boyd. In her own words, Nicks shared:

“That relationship destroyed Mick’s marriage to Jenny, who was the sweetest person in the world. So did we really think that we were going to come out of it unscathed? Payback is a b****. Bad karma all around.”

“Sara”: An Ode to Heartbreak and Betrayal

As Nicks and Fleetwood continued their affair, Mick formed a relationship with Sara Recor, a close friend of Nicks. This revelation devastated Nicks, who still harbored feelings for Fleetwood. In response to the emotional turmoil, Nicks penned “Sara,” another poignant track featured on the Tusk album. The song captures Nicks’ heartbreak as Mick entered into a new relationship. In an interview with The Tommy Vance Show, Nicks explained:

“I remember the night I wrote it… It’s about me, about her, about Mick, about Fleetwood Mac. It’s about all of us at that point.”

“Beauty and the Beast”: Echoes of Fairytale and Reality

While Stevie Nicks’ solo career allowed her to further explore her emotions, her song “Beauty and the Beast” holds significant references to her affair with Mick Fleetwood. Inspired by the 1946 Jean Cocteau film of the same name, the song draws parallels between the mythical tale and Nicks’ perception of Fleetwood. She described Mick as “sort of Beauty and the Beast-esque,” capturing his enigmatic and captivating nature. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Nicks revealed”

“I always thought of Mick as being sort of Beauty and the Beast-esque… And also, it matched our story because Mick and I could never be… because of Fleetwood Mac.”