The Origin Of How The Eagles Got Their Name

The Origin Of How The Eagles Got Their Name | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Most people may not be wary of it, but choosing a band name is also an important part of the rise of the band’s career. Yes, we know: it’s all about the talent, but names are something that people are interested in as well; so, you better pick the right ones.

And pretty much like the rest of the bands out there, the Eagles had the mistake of gracing their band with a terrible name, at first. When the original lineup of Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner started as Linda Ronstadt’s backing band, the chemistry was off the charts, prompting the quartet to form their band with a name for standing.

However, when they held their first-ever gig in October 1971, they went under the title of Teen King and the Emergencies – a name that isn’t fitting to these legends. It’s a great name, but not for someone who would eventually make chart-topping albums and countless classics. Thankfully, they’ve come up with the name “Eagles” in no time, but the events of how the name was conceived vary.

Perhaps the most famous story of the origin of the band’s name was during their tequila-driven trip to the Mojave Desert, and at the same time, the band was hugely inspired by the writings of Carlos Castaneda. “There is a scene in [Castaneda’s ‘The Teachings of Don Juan’] in which Don Juan tells him to walk until he finds his power spot,” Frey explained for Time. “After searching for hours, he collapses. He wakes up to find Don Juan, who laughs and tells him that he has found his spot. We all wandered around with different bands, but as the Eagles, we have found our power spot.”

Another one came from Don Felder, who credits his friend Bernie Leadon to have come up with the name, after the Hopi tribe’s admiration for the eagle as a sacred animal. This was years before Felder joined the group, but it could be noted that the duo’s friendship goes back to high school.

A theory claimed by J.D Souther, a co-writer to many Eagles’ hits, suggested that the band’s name stem from Frey’s when the musician shouted “Eagles!” when the majestic birds flew above them. This perhaps is random, but worth mentioning nonetheless.

Regardless of the origins of their name, “Eagles” is the perfect one to call them. And whether you’re a fan of putting the article “the” before their name, nothing could still compare to the greatness of the band’s repertoire, which remains even by today’s standards.