How Did Record Store Day Started

How Did Record Store Day Started | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Music makes the world go round; so, we must value those means that highlight them. Thankfully, we have Record Store Day, an efficient way to appreciate music and celebrate indie record stores.

A meeting of record shop employees and owners led to the creation of this concept in 2007. The idea first came out from Chris Brown, the owner of “Bull Moose,” a chain of record stores. Delighted with how impactful the “Free Comic Book Day” is, he wanted to capture the same spirit and excitement of new fans and longtime collectors in the same way that they do with comic books. By email, Brown sent Michael Kurtz (president of The Department of Record Stores) an explanation for what had been discussed at a meeting in Maryland.

Kurtz subsequently co-founded the Music Monitor Network, which enabled him to connect with a large number of independent retailers to discuss the best strategies for reviving interest in their products. Kurtz was the ideal person for Brown to speak with: he has an abundance of contacts in the music industry necessary to make this fantasy a reality.

The first annual Record Store Day was held in the United States on April 19, 2008, and was a significant success: thanks to Metallica, who entertained fans with songs, photo ops, and chitchat. It was also a win for customers who took advantage of discounted goods and rare RSD releases.

The dying business quickly gained momentum. Since its emergence, Record Store Day has pumped up to $1 billion as gross income into record stores, an impact so powerful for indie record retailers.