The Most Successful Classic Rock Lineup Changes

The Most Successful Classic Rock Lineup Changes | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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It’s not easy to replace a member who has been in a band ever since their formative years. And while it’s frightening to let go of someone while at the height of the gang’s success, sometimes, it’s also the only key to achieve even greater success than they’d never thought they can attain. Rock bands are just like that, and with these 7 groups who maintained their popularity status even with a major lineup change, everything’s possible indeed.


Pink Floyd

The psychedelic Pink Floyd was at the peak of their game until Syd Barrett’s mental health issues to a toll on the band. They have no choice but to replace Barrett with David Gilmour. Although the group became the greatest during the Gilmour era, they never for once forgot about Syd.

Fleetwood Mac

We are not discrediting the music of the early Fleetwood Mac, but it was indeed a real jump in the trade when Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham became a part of this magnificent group. Such a lineup is also the most celebrated one from them.

Deep Purple

From Rod Evans to Ian Gillan, to David Coverdale, and now settled with Mark VIII, Deep Purple’s one for revolving lineups. But not to worry though, for every era of the band, they too have a distinct sound and a new twist that will always make them the best.

The Rolling Stones

Like any other rock band out there, The Rolling Stones has also endured 2 major lineup changes. First was Brian Jones, who became too addicted to function, therefore was fired from the band. Next was Mick Taylor, and a few years later he would quit. It was with the arrival of Faces guitarist Ronnie Wood that the band settled down and become one of the longest rock bands ever.


It was a sad moment for the Australian rock band AC/DC when they lost their dear friend Bon Scott due to asphyxiation. But they knew that Scott wanted them to pursue, so they hired Brian Johnson and released one of the greatest rock songs, “Back to Black,” a tribute to their late frontman.

Van Halen

At the height of Van Halen’s success, it all came as a shock when frontman David Lee Roth announced his departure from the group to pursue a solo career. Everyone thought that they were a goner, ‘til a blonde savior by the name of Sammy Hagar saved their butts and Van Halen’s back once again.

The Yardbirds

Perhaps the only band that sheltered the three greatest guitarists in rock history, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck were indeed the finest products by the Yardbirds. Not only that, but the trio became the leading inspiration for people to pick a guitar and learn the tricks out of it.