The 5 Greatest Tracks From Blue Oyster Cult

The 5 Greatest Tracks From Blue Oyster Cult | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Blue Öyster Cult started small; playing gigs left and right until they’ve got their big shot and released their debut album in 1972. Since then, BOC became one of the well-known hard rock bands that do not say no to every opportunity for a good rock jam. Below, we’ll take you to some of the greatest tracks from Blue Öyster Cult. Enjoy!


“Burnin’ for You” – Fire of Unknown Origin (1981)

One of Blue Öyster Cult’s most beloved tracks, it contains the power-pop rhythm typical from the band and some dynamic lead guitar solo by Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser. The song was also written by Roeser in collaboration with writer Richard Meltzer.

“Hot Rails to Hell” – Tyranny and Mutations (1973)

It’s everything you’d ever expect for a good hard rocking song. With its powerful rhythms, incredible lyricism, and insane riffs you’d never want to stop, “Hot Rails to Hell” is indeed a definitive song from BOC.

“This Ain’t the Summer of Love” – Agents of Fortune (1975)

Blue Öyster Cult’s Agents of Fortune led the band to their first top 20 hits on the charts. With an arrangement perfectly put together with a good sonic drive, it’s indeed one of the best. “This Ain’t the Summer of Love” is also one of the album’s highlights.

“ME 262” – Secret Treaties (1974)

Boasting this rowdy hit that made them one of the greatest bands ever, “Me 262” is about a German fighter plane famously used in WW2. With the BOC’s extreme power, this song is pretty much alive if you hear it.

“(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” – Agents of Fortune (1975)

Agents of Fortune isn’t only their most successful album, it also contained their greatest hit of all: “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.” The tenacity of this song made it so popular even by today’s standards. If there’s one song to describe the talent of Blue Öyster Cult, it’s this one.