15 Of The Most Interesting Facts About John Denver

15 Of The Most Interesting Facts About John Denver | I Love Classic Rock Videos


It’s not easy to forget the iconic musician John Denver and his remarkable songs. You may remember him for his beloved tunes, “Leaving on a Jet Plane,” “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” “Annie’s Song,” and many more classic tracks, but the singer was way more than that. Below, we have the list of 15 interesting facts about John Denver that are worth recalling. Enjoy!

His real name is Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.

Seeing it as a disadvantage to using his real name, he began to adopt a new one (John Denver) and that’s when he became known for.

He only had eight toes left.

The young Denver accidentally cut himself from a lawnmower accident.

He was an introvert growing up.

He always felt comfortable being on his own even during his childhood days.

Both of Denver’s grandmothers helped him pursue a career in music.

Both of his grandmas helped the young Denver to introduce him to the world of music.

He was repeatedly rejected by many record labels.

Companies thought that the singer had “too much folksy vibe” in his songs and that the folk genre is already gone. But he wasn’t going to give up that easy; sooner, he’d find the one label that would sign him: RCA.

His song “Calypso” was about Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

The two met on a television special and became close afterward. “Calypso” was the name of Cousteau’s ship, and the song is Denver’s tribute to him.

His Country Music Awards Winner’s slip was set on fire.

Denver was nominated for Entertainer of the Year when Charlie Rich, the announcer, lit the slip-on fire before calling Denver the winner. Rich was blacklisted to any Awarding events from then on.

“Leaving on a Jet Plane” was about his loneliness

Denver’s iconic song “Leaving on a Jet Plane” was about the loneliness he felt when he was touring all over America.

He was the founder of the World Hunger Project.

Back in 1977, he founded the World Hunger Project and he was also assigned to the Commission on World and Domestic Hunger.

He almost played the lead in An Officer and a Gentleman.

In a 1995 interview with the singer, Denver revealed that he was offered the role of Zack Mayo in An Officer and a Gentleman, but he declined.

His father was a pilot.

In the most ironic way possible, his father served as a pilot for the U.S. Air Force.

He was also the first person inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.

Denver spent most of his life in Aspen, Colorado, therefore, he was awarded by the Colorado Music Hall of Fame for his contributions to the music world.

His last concert was held in Texas, a week before he died.

The location of his final performance was in Corpus Christi, Texas before he died from a tragic plane crash.

He died near lover’s point.

The man best known for writing love songs died a hundred meters away from a popular tourist site named “Lover’s Point.”

His ashes are spread all over the Rocky Mountains.

It seems fitting to know that John Denver’s ashes would be spread all over the Rocky Mountains, seeing as the state of Colorado was his favorite place.