The Most Infamous Rock n’ Roll Myths In Music History

The Most Infamous Rock n’ Roll Myths In Music History | I Love Classic Rock Videos

John Lennon and Paul McCartney - Beatle Stories / Youtube

What’s rock n’ roll without the insane rumors that surround artists? The world of the music industry is filled with pretty revealing stories that made rock musicians legends that we know of. This strong desire of fans to view them as people far above the norm made it so appealing, albeit most of them exist just to pull one’s leg. From the Beatles to Jimi Hendrix, we have these 10 infamous rock n’ roll myths that will blow your mind. The truth is none of your concern now.


The Beatles in Buckingham Palace

There’s a withstanding tale that the Fab Four were once caught getting high on the grounds of Buckingham Palace. John Lennon started the rumor and then came clean afterward, although they did discuss the idea before meeting Her Highness.

Jimi Hendrix’s Peace Parakeets

It was rumored that when legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix came to London, he released a pair of parakeets named Adam and Eve as a symbol of peace. His endearing little gesture then resulted in the swarming population of these little, green birds that still exists today.

Led Zeppelin and the Female Groupie-Mudshark Sex

One of the things that made Led Zeppelin so incredibly famous was their aptitude for controversial stories. From dealing their souls to the devil for fame to catching a Mudshark, using it as a tool for sex, there’s nothing less to expect from them.

Rod Stewart’s Orgy with Sailors

This has been debunked several times already, but it’s still worth noting. Rod Stewart performed fellatio to 9 Navy Seals and swallowed the semen that his stomach needed to be pumped.

Alice Cooper’s Chicken Tragedy

Alice Cooper, a veteran to wild onstage antics, once bit a living chicken’s head off while performing back in 1969. Imagine the blood spurting on that poor little thing.

Robert Johnson and the Devil

Perhaps the rumor that stuck the most to rock fans was Robert Johnson meeting the devil at crossroads. It was heavily rumored that Johnson bargained his soul in exchange for incredible technical skills as a guitarist.

Stevie Nicks’ Obsession with Cocaine

Stevie Nicks was obsessed with snorting too much of the white powder that she had burnt a penny-sized hole inside her nose for that matter. That didn’t stop the Fleetwood Mac singer though; allegedly he hired an assistant to blow cocaine up her ass so she could still enjoy the wonders of the addictive drug.

The 27 Club Conspiracy

27 Club— a conglomeration of celebrities who died at the age of 27 has always fascinated conspiracy theorists. One rumor that circulated was that rock musicians Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Jimi Hendrix all died because their white BIC lighters were bad luck.

Michael Jackson and the Elephant Man’s remains

A strange rumor circulated, saying that Michael Jackson owned the remains of the Victorian sensation named Elephant Man, whose real name is Joseph Merrick. He paid $50,000 for that.

Keith Richards is Immortal

Having survived all the near-death experiences life could give to him, it seems like Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards has a knack for immortality. There’s also a surrounding rumor that he underwent an impromptu fresh blood transfusion in the 70s, thus cleansing his drugged blood.