The Last Photos Of John Lennon With Yoko Ono Released

The Last Photos Of John Lennon With Yoko Ono Released | I Love Classic Rock Videos

John Lennon and Yoko Ono's final photos together - johnlennonofficial / Instagram

The late John Lennon’s never-before-seen photos with wife Yoko Ono has recently surfaced on his social media accounts. What was supposed to be just another shoot became one of the iconic musician’s final snaps with his wife.

According to the account by the photographer himself, Kishin Shinoyama, “It was just a two-day photo shoot and probably took seven or eight hours altogether. I took around 800 photos.” He shares his photography method towards his subjects, saying “It’s not like there’s any special way I try to photograph a certain situation. I share time with people, we build up intensity, and I am able to get some good pictures. I think that photography should capture a moment at the end of every second, so to speak. Every moment ends instantly, it becomes the past, you know?”

“Photography is one of the tools you can use to record a moment. For any type of work, I’ve never changed my approach. I take photos of everything I see, without letting anything pass by,” Shinoyama continues.

He also said that Yoko Ono impulsively coaxed them to go to Central Park, where most of the photos were taken. He expressed his disbelief upon Lennon’s death, and went on to comment about the atmosphere between the couple. “At the time, I had never imagined that John would die so soon. But that makes these photos precious ones,” Shinoyama said. “John and Yoko were doing creative work, working on recording the album together after a long time away from making music. They had been raising their son Sean, loving each other and living their happy life together. I believe that I took these photos at their happiest moment. I’m very glad that I was there to take the photos. It is not a matter of technique, only that I was so fortunate to be a witness at the best time in their lives.”