The Incredible Jam Story Of Eric Clapton And Jimi Hendrix

The Incredible Jam Story Of Eric Clapton And Jimi Hendrix | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix became guitar gods from different upbringings. Clapton became a god when he created Cream, and Hendrix became one when he killed Clapton’s godliness.

The Seven Ages of Rock series from BBC Two shows the evolution of rock from its beginnings, down to the other forms that eventually sprouted with it. In episode one, Jimi Hendrix’s life was the sole focus, taking a deeper look at his life, and how he revolutionized rock in his own ways.

Inside the snippet, we are introduced to the legendary meeting between Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix that happened in London, back in 1966. Hendrix was discovered, had found his first manager, when he audaciously asked to jam with the Cream band— the leading star group in the 60s. For many rock fans, this is a disrespect to Clapton, their rock god. But then, everything changed when the “disciple” ate Clapton up with his rendition to “Killing Floor,” a song that Clapton deemed as “too difficult” for him. Everyone’s jaws dropped since absolutely no one expected this type of jamming.

Clapton, who went backstage, had a hard time lighting his cigarette with his shaking hands when he asked, “Was he really that good?”

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