The Blondie Song Inspired By Debbie’s Stalker

The Blondie Song Inspired By Debbie’s Stalker | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Blondie has had their fair share of controversies surrounding their career. The band, who established their fame in the streets of New York in the 70s, has an impressive catalog of songs that made them so incredibly famous over the years. Among the classics that listeners love to hear is “One Way or Another,” a single from their seminal album, Parallel Lines.

By the time Blondie released their 3rd album, the band has yet to crack down on the US market – since their fame was merely based in the European countries. Inspired by the rising of the punk scene in N.Y.C, the band opt to fuse pop and punk, resulting in the creation of “One Way or Another.” While the album is best known for the hit “Heart of Glass,” “One Way or Another” served as Blondie’s ticket to nationwide recognition. And believe it, the song has a pretty startling backstory too.

The song, written by lead singer Debbie Harry and bassist Nigel Harrison, is said to be inspired by a stalker that Harry once had, while still living in New Jersey. The stalker, who was once her boyfriend, wouldn’t let Harry have her peace of mind since he would constantly call her and show up at her house. This led her to leave New Jersey, and pursue a life in New York.

“The girl in that song is certainly not a victim,” according to guitarist Chris Stein. “The protagonist is a self-empowered figure.” Albeit its catchy arrangement, the lyrics reek of its dark message, a clear indicator of Harry’s struggles before.