The Best Songs Of Bruce Springsteen

The Best Songs Of Bruce Springsteen | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Highly-acclaimed American singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen is one of the most enduring rock icons of all time. Recognizable for his distinct raspy tone, poetic lyricism, and electric stage presence, The Boss carried his jersey shore roots to provide the framework for his signature sound. With a career spanning 5 decades of music making and performing, Springsteen shows no signs of stopping, with his new album Western Stars, bound for release on the 14th of June. However, let us revisit the tried-and-true classics from the icon’s illustrious career.

“Dancing In The Dark” – Born In The USA (1984)

The track captures the 80’s musical landscape with its signature synthesizer progressions, a truly danceable and catchy tune from the seasoned rocker. Don’t let the melody foll you though, as Springsteen’s writing is just as delectable as his sound.

“The River” – The River (1981)

One of Springsteen’s more sentimental records, the track beautifully catches the emotions of the lyrics, with a soulful harmonica parts and The Boss’ voice breaking through with sheer power. Oh, did we mention the intense harmonica solo?

“Born In The USA” – Born In The USA (1984)

Written by Springsteen under the guise of a patriotic title and melody, “Born In The USA” cleverly satires the theme to give a voice to Vietnam veterans, who were either KIA or weren’t given proper treatment upon their return. This contrast is a portrayal of patriotism drowning the desperate pleas of the minority.

“Thunder Road” – Born  To Run (1975)

The track was evident of Springsteen’s prime, with themes laid in lyrics such as “amusement park”, where the melody switches to a whimsical one. “Thunder Road” was a 4-dimensional experience for such a technologically-lacking era, proving Springsteen’s magic in music.

“Born To Run” – Born To Run (1975)

The inspirational riff that runs throughout the track is driven by lyrics of a simple love song, with the whole instrumental ensemble making the song one of Springsteen’s most full-bodied creations. Emotion pours through with his vocals, keeping up with the whole heartwarming arrangement.