The Best Love Songs By Heart

The Best Love Songs By Heart | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Heart live in Seattle, 2017 - thebandheart / Youtube

American rock powerhouse Heart has blessed the world with their flavor of hard rock and arena anthems in the span of five decades. Though the band’s lineup saw constant changes, it primarily evolved around the sibling tandem of Ann and Nancy Wilson. The rock act paved the way for more women rockers to front and join bands, becoming one of the greatest influences in the industry. Over the course of their career, Heart has produced love songs of cherishing, and ones of grief  as well. Here are some of the most memorable love songs of the iconic band.

“Alone” – Bad Animals (1987)

Starting off as slow and low with its creeping progression and vocal parts, the track eventually erupts into a powerful rocker with soaring vocals and a heavy melody that tugs at the heartstrings. It tells the story of vulnerability brought on by someone walking into the main character’s life, paired with the melancholy of longing.

“All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You” – Brigade (1980)

An easygoing track with an inspirational progression going on, “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You” features a beautiful melodic placement, with its simplicity proving its charm on this song of sharing the passions of love.

“Crazy On You” – Dreamboat Annie (1976)

Love doesn’t have to make sense, as told bu the band’s very first single. Another song by Heart about lovemaking, “Crazy On You” abandons all restrictions and thought, as does youth when confronted with a burning passion, in the form of a notable rocker.

“What About Love” – Heart (1985)

An adaptation of the Toronto original, Heart’s version features Ann Wilson’s stratospheric vocals opening the song, progressively growing heavier as the track goes on. Heart’s ability to capture raw emotion and throw it back to the listener in this song of contemplation of love.

“These Dreams” – Heart (1985)

The serene rocker of a track can be interpreted in various forms, but its allusion to romance is unmistakable. The longing of comfort and security experienced only in the trappings of the mind, evoke powerful emotions of longing and reaching out for that catalyst of fiery emotions.