Reasons To Miss John Lennon

Reasons To Miss John Lennon | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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From his time with the Fab Four, to the inevitable solo career of the late John Lennon, he was indeed one of the biggest influences for aspiring rock stars. Being one of the pioneers of rock n’ roll, spearheading the British invasion, and starting Beatlemania, John Lennon had these and more under his belt. His untimely passing in 1980 was a dark time for music, and was mourned around the world by fans and fellow musicians. It’s completely normal to miss the iconic artist, even after 3 decades since his passing. For those who haven’t caught up with Lennon’s influence, here are some valid reasons to long for the musician.

Wasted Opportunities

When a person passes away, what-ifs and what-may-have-beens always plague the bereaved’s thoughts. John Lennon’s talents have gone down the drain ever since his murderer pulled the trigger. Imagine Lennon living to continue his solo career, making and performing music, and having occasional gatherings with his former bandmates.

Seeing John as a family man

John Lennon hadn’t really lived long enough to see his children grow up to be wonderful adults, and probably be a grandad to bouncing grandkids as well. Lennon’s busy schedule as an artist stole essential time for him to bond with his children, even though he tried with all his might. There’s nothing more fulfilling seeing your favorite rockstar go on to become a respectable family man.


While all we can do now is reminisce Lennon’s presence with the wonderful songs he left for the world, it would be amazing to have seen Lennon bloom in his solo career, as he was just beginning to grow wings after the Beatles broke up. After being holed up in the creative partnership with McCartney, Lennon finally had the freedom he was yearning, only to be cut short by his passing.

His Vision of Peace And Unity

Peace and unity was close to the heart of the enigmatic artist. Openly expressing his desire for this during the days of his marriage to Yoko Ono, and the iconic trackĀ “Imagine”, with a message that resonates with kindred souls around the world. If Lennon was alive, the message would even be stronger, considering the charisma the musician wielded in his time in the industry.


It doesn’t get any simpler than this. John Lennon’s contribution to mankind exceeded even that of music. You could round up all the reasons, but it all boils down to this primal emotion: appreciation. From the Beatles’ early years where the deafening screams of young fans drowned stadiums, up to their solo ventures that mellowed down their characters and showing their “human” side, Lennon made a connection to his fans without even having to single them out. This connection is only ever felt by genuine admirers of the man, hence the feeling of longing that’s still as strong as the day he left this world.

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