The Beatles Are Uncensored In New “Get Back” Film

The Beatles Are Uncensored In New “Get Back” Film | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via The Beatles / YouTube

Disney+ will finally unfold a phenomenal three-part documentary series of The Beatles called The Beatles: Get Back, which will hit the platform this week, November 25-27. It is also the first documentary to be free from censorship from the child-friendly network.

Peter Jackson, the director, has negotiated with Disney regarding the request, stating that the language was an important element to keep in place in Get Back, to make it feel more “modern.” “The Beatles are Scouse boys and they freely swear, but not in an aggressive or sexual way,” Jackson told RadioTimes.

One of Jackson’s goals was to make the film as new as possible, telling Guardian that the Beatles are older than most of us, and adding: “But here, John and Ringo are 28, Paul is 26 and George is 25, and you never once feel this footage is 52 years old. I’ve always thought their music transcends generations, but this will make them seem young again,” he said.

Disney has been fairly strict against cursed words in their movies and shows, often censoring words that are inappropriate to a family-oriented audience. But Jackson was fairly confident to leave the film “as it is,” to show to everyone who The Beatles were just months after their disbandment.

The three-part The Beatles: Get Back documentary will air this week, November 23-27. You can catch its sneak peek below.