The 7 Greatest Beatles Deals On Pawn Stars

The 7 Greatest Beatles Deals On Pawn Stars | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Pawn Stars / Youtube

The Beatles had proved themselves to be the most influential band of all time. Even in today’s music setting, their works remain impactful and relevant, and with that, they remain one of the most sought-after bands of all time, despite their disbandment in 1970.

With them being rock titans in music, it’s not surprising to know that anything related to the Beatles can be valued highly. With that, the TV Series Pawn Stars is here to help you sort out and showcase some of the greatest and most insane deals all related to the Fab Four themselves.

In the compilation video presented below, Pawn Stars assembled seven “rockin’ Beatles deals of all time, with all of them being judged for their content and authenticity. Though the Beatle deals did have some phony business, among them were genuine treasures, including one that could be sold for a whopping $500,000.

Below are the great Beatles deals, whether they were real or not, their asking price, and how much it was sold in the TV show.

The Original Beatles Contract Real

Asking Price – $1 million (not sold)

Vintage Beatles Vinyl Record CollectionReal

Asking Price – $26,500 (sold for $20k)

Autographed Beatles GuitarFake

John Lennon, Ringo Star, George Harrison Framed GuitarFake

Unused Beatles Ticket 1966 Real

Asking Price – $1,000 – $700 (sold for $180)

John Lennon Painting by Denny DentReal

Asking Price – $7,000 (sold for $4,500)

John Lennon SketchesFake

You can watch the video below.