The 5 Classic Rock Bassists That Stood The Test Of Time

The 5 Classic Rock Bassists That Stood The Test Of Time | I Love Classic Rock Videos

John Paul Jones’s Isolated Bass Line in Ramble On - Play Bass Lines / YouTube

Bass is the most underrated instrument of all time, yet it is a core essential to creating a perfectly good song. But as much as they’re underrated, they are among the complicated instruments to be performed live. For the most part, it takes a great skill and terrifically amazing lines to be considered as one the best classic rock bassists there is.

John Entwistle from The Who

The Who delivers some of the most iconic songs, thanks to Entwistle’s greatness to twist songs in an assertive manner. He treats the bass as a whole instrument that does not let the others overrule its greatness. While some would think that bass is just an additional noise for a song, Entwistle says otherwise.

You can hear the bassist’s wonderful skill from The Who’s song, “The Real Me”.

Paul McCartney from the Beatles

No one could do it like how Paul McCartney does the bass. A left-handed player, he innovatively changed the strings of his bass to fit his skills in playing it. Since the band broke up in the 70s, McCartney is highly regarded as one of the best solo performers of all time.

Listen to the mind-blowing bass lines of Paul McCartney in the Beatles’ “Come Together”.

Roger Waters from Pink Floyd

You cannot talk about bass without mentioning the greatness of Roger Waters. He was best known for his creative control for the band’s most successful album, Dark Side of the Moon. A true innovative player, he continued to be a popular bass player after his departure from the band in 1985.

Let your mind be blustered with Rogers’ bass lines in Pink Floyd’s “Money”.

Geddy Lee from Rush

Geddy Lee is the master of multi-tasking instruments onstage, playing bass and keyboards, all while singing. While you might assume that such complicated tasks distract him, his seven Grammy nominations say otherwise. He is best known for his signature bass lines, topped with a powerful voice fit for a legend.

Listen to Lee’s complex and catchy bass lines in Rush’s “Cygnus X-1, Book I: The Voyage”.

John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin

Before Jones created the most iconic band in history, he was well-known as one of the best bassists in New England. He was the backbone of the group, which made them so famous with Jones’s skills in playing the instrument.

Marvel and be mesmerized with Jones’s talent in Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On.”