Relive 5 Eagles Love Songs

Relive 5 Eagles Love Songs | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Eagles live at the Capital Centre, 1977 - Eduardo Seijas / Youtube

Critically acclaimed American rock band Eagles were nothing short of spectacular during their prime, and even though the act was riddled with internal conflicts, their comebacks hit harder than ever. Known for their clear and crisp sound, with immaculate vocal harmonies, the Eagles drew on several genres to be part of their repertoire, even taking up the notorious disco in 1975’s “One Of These Nights”. As with their styles, the boys also wrote love songs, unlike other contemporaries who were hooked up with life in general, or social commentaries. Here are some of the Eagles’ most swooning and emotional compositions aimed at love.

“Love Will Keep Us Alive” – Hell Freezes Over (1994)

The inspirational arrangement of the song almost makes the message believable, with Timothy Schmit’s soothing vocals taking the lead. The warmth of the simple bassline, and deep cuts in the lead riffs envelope the listener in the truth of love’s unending ability. Even the suppressed drum progression gives a sense of security of love sustaining believers.

“I Can’t Tell You Why” – The Long Run (1980)

The first of Tim Schmit’s vocal contributions, the track features an easygoing, yet dreary progression, almost haunting with the keyboard parts. The basslines are on point as ever, going with the steady cadence of the drums, and a dreamy, muffled guitar solo adds flair to the heartbreaking arrangement.

“The Best Of My Love” – On The Border  (1974)

The track takes a look back in the times when love was all sunshine, reminiscing what was, and contrasting it with the present. Don Henley’s signature husky tone is augmented by soothing backup harmonies. The acoustic arrangement amplifies the feeling of longing, with the bass progression playing with the main melody in a careful manner.

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” – Eagles (1972)

Appreciation oozes along with an easing sense of security with this country-inspired tune from the band’s debut album. The distinct voice of Glenn Frey ushers a unique sound with his accent, while Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner allows that three-part harmony to be completed.

“Try and Love Again” – Hotel California (1976)

The track is headed by Randy Meisner’s vocals, a unique and distant vocal quality from the other Eagles, which fits the gradual rise in the song’s “positive” melodic progression. The bass and lead converse through snippets of chords and notes, poignantly lining the track, with a tasteful solo for good measure. Inspiration finds its way to the listener through the whole length of the song.