Relive 5 Of Bob Seger’s Love Song Hits

Relive 5 Of Bob Seger’s Love Song Hits | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bob Seger performs Night Changes at The Palace, 2017 - Jim Johnson / Youtube

American multi-instrumentalist and singer-s0ngwriter Bob Seger has been in the business for decades, and it’s not a secret why. His simplistic approach to music is appreciated by everyone, without that grandiose show of “rockstar” ego that most artists and contemporaries have chosen to don. Seger has zero regard for multiple marketing stints such as box sets, limited editions, features, and even documentaries, yet people are attracted to him like moths to a flame. It’s the meekness of his image that appeals to most of his fans, a timeless legend that has only seen more love over the years. Here are some of Bob Seger’s best love songs from his extensive career.

It’s You – Like A Rock (1986)

The fast-paced arrangement features a pleasing melody that underlays Seger’s vocals like a river to a boat. Singing about an inspiration, with emphasis on appreciation, “It’s You” is a lightweight tribute to a loved one that’s perfect for any occasion.

Hollywood Nights – Nine Tonight (1981)

The tempo of this track deceives the listener of the heartbreaking story of a young man who was played for a fool. After meeting a woman who made him lose control, the hero was led on, until being left without say. The thrills and heartbreaks of young love, indeed.

Living Inside My Heart – About Last Night (1986)

The serene arrangement is a beautiful ode to newfound security in a loved one. The sureness Seger conveys in the song is reinforced by the lyrics, “She’s livin’ inside my heart now”, saying he’s never going to lose her that way.

Chances Are – Hope Floats (1998)

Made for the film Hope Floats, Bob Seger collaborates with Martina McBride on this one. A slow, dreamy progression tells a tale of longing, heartbreak, and unwavering love for that special someone.

Days When The Rain Would Come Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band (2011)

The poignant arrangement features Seger singing reminiscence of better days, or as the songs says, “days when the rains would come”. The lyrics paint a beautiful scene that echoes the good times, exuding a feeling of pure love till the end.