10 Perfect Grand Funk Railroad Songs For Your Saturday Nights

10 Perfect Grand Funk Railroad Songs For Your Saturday Nights | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Grand Funk Railroad in 1969 - The1stGunner / Youtube

Weekends often offer a break from reality, taking off your shoes and breaking open a cold one for gratification. But what’s a staycation without something to set the mood, say, music? Let us help you relax (or rock out) with a curated Grand Funk Railroad playlist for your consumption. The power trio formula, popularized by the legendary Cream, was adapted by GFR for that balanced creative function and personality. The critically-underrated band churned out hits that need more appreciation, especially the amount of musicianship injected into them. Lay back and revisit GFR tracks with this list we made.

Bad Time – All The Girls In The World Beware!!! (1975)

GFR’s visionary gave birth to this proto-punk creation that featured packed vocal harmonies, and a full wall of sound that brings forth flavor to the palate of the classic rock fan.


Walk Like A Man – We’re An American Band (1973)

Though laden with material controversy, the track had the pacing of a 60’s rock record, with the grit and progression of a more modern hard rock arrangement.

Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother – Closer To Home (1970)

One of GFR’s heaviest tracks in their catalog, the song features a riff-centered arrangement that blasts the listener, but only enough to keep them grounded. Staying true to the name, tidbits of a groovy influence can be heard as well.

Aimless Lady – Closer To Home (1970)

That driving rhythm progression is infectious enough, but the brilliant bassline breaks through with a reliable yet whimsical pattern, making for a highly complementing culmination of melodies.

The Loco-Motion – Shinin’ On (1974)

GFR gave new life to the Little Eva hit of 1962, with a heavier, rock ensemble suited to their image. Harmonies filled the arrangement, with a grittier, yet catchy progression led on by drum beats.


Feelin’ Alright – Survival (1971)

The Dave Mason original got the GFR treatment, with the prominent groove of the bassline driving the jam-packed arrangement, with a muffled quality that’s an authentic blast from the past.

Footstompin’ Music – E Pluribus Funk (1971)

A culmination of the blues, r&b, and rock n’ roll, “Footstompin’ Music” is a wild chase of a track. Filled with groove, and an aggressive blues progression, GFR certainly delivered with this one.

Inside Looking Out – Grand Funk (1969)

A cover of an original by the Animals, GFR took it up a notch and added references of the herb in it, making for a heavy, rocking jam that showcased the level of musicianship the trio possessed.

I’m Your Captain  – Closer To Home (1970)

This ultimate classic rock hit extended into a lengthy jam that showcased variety and flair by GFR. With participation of the Cleveland orchestra, the track was off to the races in no time.

We’re An American Band – We’re An American Band (1973)

In an attempt to make a statement after an argument with Humble Pie, the 1973 title track appealed to the masses with its catchy tempo and arrangement, for a pop-punk-rock infusion that’s enjoyable till the last second.