The 15 Most Played Classic Rock Songs In New York

The 15 Most Played Classic Rock Songs In New York | I Love Classic Rock Videos

New York has been the seedbed of a lot of music beginnings, so it’s not a surprise that the rock genre rose prominently in the city. In today’s modern world where we can access information simply on the tip of our fingers, it’s easy to view the data of which classic rock songs are the most popular in every place. Blog website FiveThirtyEight puts that to a test and gathered the top 15 most played classic rock songs inside the city that never sleeps. You can check it out below.


1. “Dream On” (1973)Aerosmith

From their self-titled first album released in 1973, Aerosmith comes the power ballad “Dream On.” This Steven Tyler-penned smash was not only the band’s first Top 40 success but also a mainstay of classic rock radio. Despite only reaching #59 on the Billboard Hot 100, when it was released in June of 1973, it became an instant smash in the band’s Boston hometown.

2. “Sweet Emotion” (1973) – Aerosmith

Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion” is featured on the album Toys in the Attic, their third studio effort. On May 19th, 1975, it was released to the public as a single; the song marked the beginning of the band’s extraordinary run of pop songs and massive popular success that lasted throughout the rest of the 1970s.

3. “All Along the Watchtower” (1968) – Jimi Hendrix

Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower” may be found on his album John Wesley Harding (1967). Numerous musicians have recorded their versions of the song, but Jimi Hendrix and his group, the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s rendition is widely recognized by many.

4. “You Shook Me All Night Long” (1980) – AC/DC

The Australian hard rock band AC/DC released the song “You Shook Me All Night Long” on their album Back in Black. Following Bon Scott’s untimely death from alcohol intoxication in February 1980, this is AC/debut DC’s single with Brian Johnson in the lead vocal role.

5. “More than a Feeling” (1976) – Boston

Boston’s “More Than a Feeling” was the first single from their self-titled first album in 1976. The song was written in its entirety by Tom Scholz, and it has become a fixture of classic rock radio. In 2008, VH1 ranked it as the 39th best hard rock song of all time.

6. “Carry On Wayward Son” (1976) – Kansas

Kansas recorded a song titled “Carry On Wayward Son,” which was included on their fourth studio album, Leftoverture (1976). Kerry Livgren, the band’s guitarist, penned this hit, which became their first Top 40 record and peaked at No. 11 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in early 1977.

7. “Peace of Mind” (1976) – Boston

Boston’s “Peace of Mind,” penned by Tom Scholz, can be found on their 1976 self-titled first album. It’s been called a “rock-radio staple” given with how often it’s played on the radio.

8. “Crazy on You” (1976) – Heart

“Crazy on You” is a song by Heart that was released on the band’s first studio album, entitled Dreamboat Annie (1975). A staple in classic rock radio stations in the United States, it is considered one of Heart’s hallmark songs.

9. “Legs” (1983) – ZZ Top

ZZ Top’s song “Legs” appeared on their 1983 album Eliminator. The music video featured a shy young female store clerk who is bolstered by three sultry ladies, with the band appearing and disappearing at odd moments.

10. “Sharp Dressed Man” (1983) – ZZ Top

In another song from the Eliminator album, ZZ Top was conclusive to say that a well-dressed man can be irresistible to women.

11. “Rock and Roll All Nite” (1975) – KISS

KISS’S song “Rock and Roll All Nite” appeared on their Dressed to Kill album in 1975. Since 1976, “Rock and Roll All Nite” has been regularly performed as the last song in every KISS show.

12. “Bohemian Rhapsody” (1975) – Queen

“Bohemian Rhapsody” is a song by the British rock band Queen from their fourth album, A Night at the Opera (1975). Written by lead singer Freddie Mercury, the song is widely regarded as one of Rock’s finest songs, and one of the band’s most excellent.

13. “Renegade” (1978) – Styx

Styx released the smash single “Renegade” in 1979 from their album Pieces of Eight. The song is narrated from the perspective of a wanted bandit who has been arrested for a reward and knows he will soon be put to death.

14. “Magic Man” (1976) – Heart

American rock band Heart’s “Magic Man” was a single from their self-titled first album. The song was written and performed by Ann and Nancy Wilson from the perspective of a young girl who is being seduced by an older guy (referred to as a Magic Man), much to her mother’s dismay, who calls and begs the girl to return home.

15. “Wheel in the Sky” (1978) – Journey

Rock band Journey recorded the song “Wheel in the Sky” in 1977 for their fourth studio album, Infinity.