The 10 Greatest John Lennon Songs He Wrote For The Beatles

The 10 Greatest John Lennon Songs He Wrote For The Beatles | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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There was one time when the greatest band in the world were only filling in love songs with a dose of commerciality. While John Lennon was already a novelist of his right, it was only from The Beatles’ fortunate encounter with Bob Dylan did Lennon truly embraced the wonders of songwriting with pure intentions. Gone are the days of commercial sound, and the band evolved to be one of the most prolific musicians in history. Today, we’ll take a look at these 10 greatest John Lennon songs during his tenure from The Beatles.


“Come Together” Abbey Road (1969)

The song was created to be a campaign song for Timothy Leary, who was running for a government position in California. Leary was forfeited, but “Come Together” didn’t. Lennon liked the song that he made sure to secure a spot from the Beatles’ Abbey Road album.

“Please Please Me” – Please Please Me (1963)

While a lot of people hate to hear the band’s old and commercial sound, one still couldn’t throw away the fact that this was a hit song during the day of its release. It was the first no. 1 single of The Beatles, and if it weren’t for Lennon’s songwriting ability, they wouldn’t have made it that far.

“Nowhere Man” – Rubber Soul (1965)

“Nowhere Man” perfectly bottled up the emotions that John Lennon might’ve felt amid Beatlemania. It was also found out to be the first song that didn’t discuss the feeling of love.

“Don’t Let Me Down” – Let It Be (1970)

Lennon felt the need to express his passionate sentiments for “Don’t Let Me Down.” It’s not a complicated song to create, but it certainly gave Lennon the plead to his wife Yoko Ono to stay with him.

“Tomorrow Never Knows” – Revolver (1966)

“This was an LSD song,” Paul McCartney revealed in a 1984 interview. Most probably, he was right about it as Lennon became increasingly experimental from the Revolver sessions.

“Norwegian Wood” – Rubber Soul (1965)

With the use of sitar in “Norwegian Wood,” it has been concluded that Lennon was more than willing to explore the other ways of creating songs. The only grey area that the song had was that Lennon had written the song out from all the affairs that he’d been doing without Cynthia Lennon’s knowledge.

“Across the Universe” Let It Be (1970)

The singer thought of “Across the Universe” as “One of my best songs.” The song was derived after an argument with his first wife, Cynthia; just hours after, he couldn’t sleep as he was thinking the words that popped inside his mind like a “cosmic song,” and he wrote the lyrics to it.

“All We Need Is Love” – Single (1967)

If there ever was a legacy that Lennon left in this world aside from “Imagine,” it was this song. It’s one of the songs that Lennon was proud to own.

“Help!” – “Help!” (1965)

John was exhausted from the life of being inside the biggest band in the world. So, when he wrote “Help!” he was genuinely asking for it. At this point, he was growing into a fantastic poet of his right.

“Strawberry Fields Forever” – Single (1967)

The song was proven to be influential in the burgeoning psychedelic sound in the era, which helped the song to attain success. Lennon made the song to paint a picture of his haven.