That Time Nicolas Cage Had To Calm Down Vince Neil

That Time Nicolas Cage Had To Calm Down Vince Neil | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via 2020 SHUFFLE: The Real Story / Youtube

We recall the horrible moment when A-list actor Nicholas Cage had to calm down A-list rockstar Vince Neil outside the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas when the latter made a ruckus.

Both Neil and Cage have a checkered legal record that includes allegations of violent behavior. For years, the Motley Crue singer has had difficulties from using drugs and alcohol, which resulted in his altercations with others, as well as recklessness. With Cage; back in 2011, he had an inebriated confrontation with his wife, Alice Kim, leading to his 2011 arrest in New Orleans.

In April 2016, just outside the hotel, Cage was approached by a woman called Kelly Guerrero who wanted an autograph. Thereafter, Neil allegedly dragged the woman to the floor by her hair for whatever reason. After which, Cage took Neil outside of the hotel and they got into it. Cage then restrained the singer and yelled at him to “stop this sh**” to calm him down. It was reported that Cage attempted to force Neil into a car; the singer was subsequently cited for violence but not escorted to police headquarters.

Per TMZ, the source said: “The video we got shows the end of a fight between Vince and Nic. Our sources tell us Nic was trying to restrain Vince and calm him down, taking him outside the hotel and into a car. Nic is screaming at Vince, imploring him to calm down. Cops tell us Vince was cited for battery and never taken to the station.”

But Cage wasn’t mad, compared to an already distressed Neil, and he’s trying to calm down the singer to stop the incident.

Watch the video below.