Elton John’s Isolated Vocals On ‘Tiny Dancer’ Proves Why It’s A Classic

Elton John’s Isolated Vocals On ‘Tiny Dancer’ Proves Why It’s A Classic | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Elton John in a promotional event for his book, Me - QueenFanOfficial / Youtube

Before Elton John became the legendary musician that he is today, he was a session player who never had the chance to sing. However, when he met songwriter and frequent collaborator Bernie Taupin, things changed forever.

Upon meeting Taupin, John found interest in writing songs for others. But when a window of opportunity suddenly opened, he grabbed the chance to become a full-fledged singer, and he’d found his versatile tenor voice surprisingly impressive.

Proficient in delivering an assortment of genres, John was diverse and comfortable enough in his voice to embrace numerous styles. He was a pianist first and foremost, but his baritone would become as recognizable as his chord voicings or his outrageous stage outfits. With this, we’ll take a listen to John’s most famous hit, “Tiny Dancer,” with his impressive isolated vocals highlighted below.

The song, whose lyrics were written by Berni Taupin, was originally heard on John’s Madman Across the Water album in 1971. The lyrics were written by Taupin after his first trip to California in 1970.

Simple, proficient, and superbly good, let’s listen to John’s singing of “Tiny Dancer” below.