Ted Nugent Calls COVID-19 Pandemic a “Slap upside the head by Mother Nature”

Ted Nugent Calls COVID-19 Pandemic a “Slap upside the head by Mother Nature” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Ted Nugent live in 2013 - norDGhost / Youtube

Ted Nugent refers to the current coronavirus pandemic as a “slap upside the head by Mother Nature”, also listing three rules he follows for surviving life.

In Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon, Nugent shared: “I think the worst is yet to come, and I think we need to do what my great president did here recently, and remember that prayer does get us through some of the most tragic and trying times in human history, and that’s what I’m seeing. I’m seeing people refocus more emphatically on God, family, country, neighbors, communities … becoming more frugal.”

Nugent also imparted the three rules he lived by: earning your own way, living within your means, and saving for a rainy day. “You have to live responsibly and frugally, and you don’t spend what you make. ‘Well, I have to live from paycheck to paycheck.’ Really? Does that include tobacco and alcohol? Maybe a little meth or some dope and a Starbucks? That’s not saving for a rainy day. And a lot of people go, ‘Well, you’re not in charge of my life!’ Of course I’m not. I’m telling you what has worked 100 percent of the time in human history,” Nugent explained.

The rocker said that the pandemic is a time to improvise, adapt, and overcome. “Get smarter, be more responsible, and you will be stronger and healthier. Would now be the best time in our lives to quit smoking? Quit with the alcohol and drugs? Quit vaping? Quit spending money on this insane suicidal garbage? Maybe this is a slap upside the head by Mother Nature. ‘Hey, y’all, if you eat crappy food and you spend money on poison and chemicals, you might want to reevaluate your priorities,'” he said.

He also said that these weren’t his rules. “These are the universal rules for the human experience if you want to have a good life and be better equipped to help your family and friends and your neighbors. So I do this whenever I can,” Nugent concluded.