How Rock Legends Are Spending The Quarantine Period

How Rock Legends Are Spending The Quarantine Period | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Alice Cooper live in 2017 - DRMTrader / Youtube

With the recent coronavirus spread, everyone is required to isolate themselves to slow down and eventually stop the virus’ transmission. This break from the usual routine of life has also affected rockstars, who have come up with creative ways to deal with the extra time in their hands. Here are some of them making the isolation period a productive one.

KISS’ Paul Stanley Revisits a band classic

Paul Stanley went on story mode as he shared the origins of KISS’ 1977 classic, “Love Gun”. “When I was a kid in my teens I went to a park near my house,” Stanley shared. “One day a band set up there, a local band; I never saw them before. … Clearly they wanted to be a Zeppelin-type band. The singer had long blond hair, the guitar player obviously wanted to be the great Jimmy Page – who doesn’t?” As the group performed their cover of Albert King’s “The Hunter,” Stanley thought he heard “I really love you, baby,” which was really “I’m a big bad hunter, baby.”

Elvis Costello Lent A Hand for a Cause

Elvis Costello sang a home-based version of the hit “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding” to help raise funds for the UK’s National Health Service. Costello also proceeded to do a Q and A with his fans on YouTube.

Whitesnake’s David Coverdale Wrote A Song

David Coverdale has been extra active on social media following the quarantine season. He even penned a new song dedicated entirely to the virus itself.  Titled “Coronavirus Blues”, Coverdale wrote the song to express his animosity towards the virus.

Queen’s Brian May is Doing Guitar Lessons

Brian May took to Instagram to offer guitar lessons for those stuck at home and have nothing better to do than rock out. The guitarist has uploaded videos of tutorials on how to play some of Queen’s greatest hits.

Alice Cooper Launches his new podcast

Shock rock legend Alice Cooper has just launched a new podcast that tackles the musical journeys of his contemporaries and friends. The Vintage Vault podcast will feature a different rockstar for each episode, with Cooper reminiscing their life, career, and continuing musical relationship.