James Taylor Donates $1M For COVID-19 Relief

James Taylor Donates $1M For COVID-19 Relief | I Love Classic Rock Videos

James Taylor live in 2020 - Kyle Davis / Youtube

James Taylor and his wife Kim have donated over $1 million to the Massachusetts General Hospital. This is the Boston singer-songwriter’s way to help in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement, Taylor said: “There is no question that it’s a point of pride for New Englanders to claim the MGH as their hospital — our hospital — and this is especially true today with the threat coming from a new and insidious virus. Kim and I want to be part of this fight. We have been so inspired by the courage and sacrifice of the health care heroes in the trenches who are working so hard to protect us all.”

Kim Taylor added, “The MGH is a place that is looked to for leadership — clinical, scientific and ethical — in humanity’s fight against the danger that is around us. We are proud to support a medical center that is leading the way on so many fronts.” 

James Taylor has a strong affiliation with the hospital, which served as his place of birth, and where his father Isaac served as a doctor who completed his residency there, being the chief resident of the facility in the research side of things.