Take A Look Inside Elvis Presley’s Private Jet

Take A Look Inside Elvis Presley’s Private Jet | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Elvis in Aloha From Hawaii, Live in Honolulu, 1973 - Elvis Presley / Youtube

The King Of Rock n’ Roll really lived the life of one. From his plush Palm Springs abode that saw a wall to wall carpeting job, to the 1962 Lockheed Jetstar he designed himself, Elvis didn’t pull any punches. Red carpets, velvet seats, and premium woodwork showed the King’s penchant for a premium ambiance.

Elvis’ private jet was frequently used by his father and himself way back in his prime days, but has since been left abandoned at a tarmac on Roswell, New Mexico in the length of 35 years. And now, the aircraft has been announced to be held for public auction. The jet’s condition is a bit worse for wear though, and a comprehensive restoration and repair treatment needs to be done before it can take to the skies again.

But just as neglected the engines and exterior are, the jet’s cabin is another thing. Everything was kept as is, since the last time Elvis used it. All the effects and essentials were left the same, with a bonus original paperwork going the way of the lucky buyer. Below are some pictures of the abandoned aircraft once owned by rock music’s greatest influence.