Stevie Nicks Finally Hears A White-Winged Dove

Stevie Nicks Finally Hears A White-Winged Dove | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Stevie Nicks for The Edge of Seventeen's music video - Stevie Nicks / Youtube

In Stevie Nicks’ song “Edge Of Seventeen”, the femme fatale rocker sings about a certain white-winged dove. It seems that everything has finally come full circle, as Nick apparently heard the bird’s call, which she detailed in a series of tweets.

“In 1980 I was flying home from Phoenix, Arizona, and I was handed a menu that said, ‘The white-wing dove sings a song that sounds like she’s singing ooh, ooh, ooh,’” Nicks wrote. Inspired by this, she went on to write the hit “Edge Of Seventeen”, although never really getting the chance to hear the dove sing, until recently. She continued, “Several days ago, outside my room, I started to hear the sound of a bird singing the same thing over and over. One little ‘ahhh’ and then three ‘oohs,’ over and over again. I thought it was an owl, but a friend said, ‘No, that’s a dove!’”

Nicks wrote the song after tragic events inspired her to – the murder of John Lennon and her own uncle’s death. It was part of her debut album Bella Donna and became one of her staples. “The white-winged dove was, for John Lennon, the dove of peace. And the white-winged dove for my uncle is the white-winged dove that lives in the saguaro cactus. And that’s how I found out about the white-winged dove,” Nicks shared during her Live In Concert performance commentary of 1982.