Steven Van Zandt Reveals Plans After Touring

Steven Van Zandt Reveals Plans After Touring | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Strombo / Youtube

Many of Steven Van Zandt’s fans are anticipating the impending E Street Band tour, but the guitarist has many more skills that they haven’t seen yet. After a fan expressed interest in seeing Steven return to television through Twitter, the musician and actor gave a Twitter hint that more television projects were in the works.

The rock star recently revealed that anybody may now watch Lilyhammer after Netflix renewed the show’s license. Countless tweets were written by fans expressing joy with Steven finally being active again in the industry. Then, after hearing from a supporter about how much they miss Steven’s TV appearances, the actor decided to break some news to them.

The guitarist said that once he finishes touring with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, he will be prepared to go on a new television adventure.

“This tour we’re about to do will be amazing,” Van Zandt replied to a tweet. “After it ends, if it ends, I will be looking to get back on TV. I have several ideas and completed scripts, but I wouldn’t rule out going back to Lilyhammer, which I miss a lot.”

So rejoice, Steve Van Zandt fans! Let’s all be supportive of our idol’s endeavors.