Steven Tyler Has A Very Unique Theory About Singing

Steven Tyler Has A Very Unique Theory About Singing | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Steven Tyler - Brian Chewie / Youtube

Given his onstage theatrics, offstage partying, and drug usage, it’s safe to assume that Steven Tyler has been living the prototypical life of a rock star. Over the course of his half-century career, he’s seen his fair share of newsworthy scandals.

In 2010, Rolling Stone published a list of the top singers of all time, and Steven rightfully earned a spot on that list. To commemorate his skill, the band’s frontman decided to provide a novel idea on the origins of singing. If we’re talking about Tyler, then it probably won’t come as a huge shock that he derived the genesis of singing from sexual activity.

Tyler theorized that the origins of singing came from our ancestors, especially the first ones who moaned during intercourse. “It had to be with the first primate uttering a moan during sex. I truly believe that’s where the passion of voice comes from. As Tony Bennett said, ‘Without heart, this is no art.’ I wear my ear on my sleeve.”

Steven Tyler has always highlighted the significance of passion in music, so it’s only logical that he would speculate that it’s what led to the development of singing. It’s easy to conclude that Tyler’s statement encapsulated his perspective on singing and how he strives to convey some basic passion in his music and showmanship, given that his band Aerosmith is built for such.