Watch A Vintage Thin Lizzy Perform “Cowboy Song” at The Rainbow 1978

Watch A Vintage Thin Lizzy Perform “Cowboy Song” at The Rainbow 1978 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Dickymint / Youtube

There are several albums that must be included among the best live rock albums of all time for the subject even to be taken seriously, and Thin Lizzy’s Live And Dangerous – At The Rainbow would have to be on that list.

At this point in 1978, the band still maintained the classic line-up of singer/bassist Phil Lynott, guitarists Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson, and drummer Brian Downey. With that in mind, footage that came from the album has recently surfaced online with the band playing their signature track, “Cowboy Song.”

“Cowboy Song” was released in Thin Lizzy’s 1976 album, Jailbreak. The lyrics are told from a cowboy’s point of view, detailing his travels across America in search of love and adventure. The song opens with an acoustic section reminiscent of country music before shifting into a more hard-rock style.

Due in large part to its unforgettable twin-guitar harmony leads, “Cowboy Song” has gone down in history as a classic by Thin Lizzy. It’s one of Thin Lizzy’s most recognizable songs and a fan favorite. A modern classic, the song has become a fan favorite for the band.

Watch Thin Lizzy at the prime of their career in 1978 by watching the footage below.