Steven Tyler Sings ‘Lean On Me’

Steven Tyler Sings ‘Lean On Me’ | I Love Classic Rock Videos

via Brandon Berry/YouTube

This Man Can Do No Wrong

We’ve heard Steven Tyler perform his cover versions of classic hits like “Piece of My Heart” and “More Than Words” and he nailed them every single time. And so when we saw this performance of “Lean on Me,” we knew we were in for a treat. The guy always delivers the goods. Even on his bad days, he rarely disappoints.

Tyler has one of the most easily recognizable voices in rock and while that alone is legendary, another thing he’s well-known for is his soulful performances. His music is clearly the outlet for his soul which is why when he sings, it hits you right in the feels. Take his rendition of “Lean on Me” for example. It’s probably the best version ever.

At a church stage, he performed this tune along with a choir and it’s jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring – a typical Steven Tyler performance if you will.

Written and originally recorded by Bill Withers, Tyler gave this a rock ‘n roll edge. Who would have thought it’d sound this good?

“I bought a little piano and I was sitting there just running my fingers up and down the piano. In the course of doing the music, that phrase crossed my mind, so then you go back and say, ‘OK, I like the way that phrase, Lean On Me, sounds with this song.'” – Bill Withers

There’s nothing quite like Steven Tyler adding his signature touch to a timeless piece. He can go from classic rock to country and everything in between and we’re gonna put it on repeat. He’s clearly one of the most versatile vocalists ever and even at 70, his voice hasn’t lost its magic – there’s power, intensity and that distinctive rasp.

He’s a national treasure, for sure. He needs to be protected at all costs.