Start Your Christmas With Meat Loaf’s Rendition Of “Silent Night”

Start Your Christmas With Meat Loaf’s Rendition Of “Silent Night” | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Youtube / Wario Loaf

A Timeless Performance!

It’s Christmas time once again. The family is gathered around the tree, the kids are tearing open their presents; chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, hot cocoa is being kept warm on the stovetop, and Christmas joy is in the air.


But the real question is, what would make Christmas time even better? Well, for starters, it would have to be Christmas carols. Nothing brings those Christmas memories flooding back like the music of the holiday season, but what’s even better than that? How about Grammy award winning recording artist Meat Loaf putting a soulful take on an all-time Christmas classic?

What you’re about to listen to is Meat Loaf sing a breathtaking cover of “Silent Night” and believe me, it’ll melt your heart like butter. Sit back, relax, grab some of that hot cocoa or eggnog, and enjoy Meat Loaf’s beyond amazing version of this timeless classic! Merry Christmas!

Meat Loaf’s latest album ‘Braver Than We Are’ is available now on Itunes, Amazon, and Google Play for Android users. Get it now!