Slash Accidentally Swears On Kids TV Show

Slash Accidentally Swears On Kids TV Show | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Slash and his favorite Gibson Les Paul - Getty Images

Previously, there were no other options for entertainment; there was no Facebook or YouTube, there was no Netflix, and there were no devices to watch any of it on. No, back then, the sole source of entertainment was what was on the television. But hey, the Telly has brought us a lot of hilarious moments – especially on live TV. Perhaps one could think of the time when Slash accidentally swore in a British kid’s TV show CD: the UK that surprised everyone.

Slash was in town to promote his solo album, Slash’s Snakepit, and the CD: UK interview was just a further step on the marketing rut. In the beginning, things are going well. The studio audience erupts in applause as Cat Deeley, the host, introduces the “legendary” guitarist. By then, Deeley asks him if his new solo album indicates that GN’R is “finished” after they have some lighthearted banter. But his answers began to truly hit the curve when the host started to ask quite personal questions.

Slash responds to Deeley’s question on the worst rumor he’s ever heard about himself, which was “Getting a blow job in a bar…” Then, the host began to rummage on the viewers’ questions to change the topic. Questions were mostly about GNR, Axl Rose, and many more – until one kid named Robbie asked the musician if he’s ever “been badly bitten” from collecting reptiles or snakes as a hobby.

“I just did, actually,” says Slash, showing Deeley a bite on his hand. “I just got the stitches out. You can’t see it. It’s actually here.”

He further said that it was his pet iguana who did the biting. “And he was loose, and he tried to take off – basically he was set for going down La Cienega Boulevard [in LA], and so I grabbed him by the tail and he turned around and bit the f*** out of me.”

And there it was, accidentally, yet quite expected from Slash, the F-Bomb that made the audience cheer.

You can watch the video below.