Singer Showdown: Steve Perry vs. Freddie Mercury

Singer Showdown: Steve Perry vs. Freddie Mercury | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Journey Escape Tour 1981: Live In Houston / journey / YouTube, Queen live in 1981 / NEA ZINXH / YouTube

Classic rock artists are with no doubt, legends born to shine and spread eminence to the rock industry. With talents of voice and showmanship, fans are deeply submerged with the comparison of who is the greatest among the greats. Name-tossing with the long queues of arguments, and yet two of the most notable singers are frequently called: Steve Perry from Journey and Freddie Mercury from Queen.

If the question at the matter is who has a higher vocal range, Mercury takes the stage. With a substantially broader range than Perry, Mercury took pride in mixing opera songs for a little razzle & dazzle in performances, and even sang high notes with his iconic “bottomless mic”. He was also a master of versatility in music and was not afraid to show his true self when performing both on record and in a live setting. And in terms of show-stopping performances, audiences can undoubtedly feel him onstage.

Listen to some of Mercury’s greatest hits: “Killer Queen”, “We are the Champions”, and “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

But, one cannot just ignore the Journey’s once lead vocalist. Steve Perry’s voice is indisputably also high; and was even noted by Mercury’s bandmate himself Brian May, that Perry’s “a truly luminous singer, in my opinion – a voice in a million.” He was also given a moniker as “the Voice” by Bon Jovi. (Tramadol) With these people in mind, one cannot truly keep Perry’s exceptional voice at bay. He is also a master at vibrato control, and this unique ability has led him to create incredibly great songs that could never be forgotten. He can blow people’s minds and was never absent-minded for his performances.

Here are some of Perry’s greatest tracks: “Don’t stop believing”, “Foolish Heart”, and “Oh Sherrie”.

 Though comparisons are subjective, the important thing is the gifts that they brought to this world. Rock music will remain forever, and these legends are far from being gone along with their art of expression— no matter how high their vocal ranges are.