Rush Are About To Release Something… But It Ain’t Music

Rush Are About To Release Something… But It Ain’t Music | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Get Ready, Rush Fans!

Legendary rock trio Rush have been rather quiet as of late. With the permanent retirement of drummer Neil Peart, the band have not shown any signs of making plans to do anything with a new drummer. This is pretty saddening news when we think about how great they are live and how timeless their music will always be.

Nevertheless, after a stellar 50 year career, the band is more than deserving of their retirement. But luckily for us, even though they are not currently making any new music that we know of, they are doing something pretty special…

That’s right! Rush are set to release a brand new graphic novel titled ‘The Making Of A Farewell To Kings’, a novel about the creation of their hit album ‘A Farewell To Kings’, obviously. The band broke the news on Facebook and said this as part of their statement…

“We worked incredibly hard to create a graphic novel that celebrates the music of RUSH, and the creation of the album of ‘A Farewell to Kings’ as a work of art” says Fantoons LA-based creative director, David Calcano. “We think this book will be something for comics and music fans alike to cherish.”

This epic, fully authorized graphic novel chronicles the birth of RUSH’s classic album A Farewell to Kings. Relive the production trials and triumphs alongside Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee & Neil Peart as they create the masterpiece of progressive rock that gave birth to such tracks as “Closer to the Heart,” and the majestic “Xanadu”. The book is co-written by Fantoons’ David Calcano and Lindsay Lee, and features artwork by Juan Riera and Ittai Manero. The story was written with input from RUSH guitarist Alex Lifeson and album producer Terry Brown, who also penned the foreword.

If you ask me, while this is in no way shape or form a biopic, it is a nice alternative to a biopic. We certainly have enough movies and old footage, why not try something new with the artistic take on a story and telling it through the power of animation? I think this is gonna be a sure winner!

This sure to be amazing graphic novel will be released September 10, 2019.