John Fogerty Has Some Questions For His Former Creedence Clearwater Revival Bandmates…

John Fogerty Has Some Questions For His Former Creedence Clearwater Revival Bandmates… | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Fogerty Questions Timing Of Bandmates’ Announcement

Last week, we reported that the surviving members of Creedence Clearwater Revival were on the way to mending fences. Initially, bassist Stu Cook revealed that he, John Fogerty, and Doug Clifford had managed to move past their decades long differences, beginning the long process of patching up old friendships and hurt feelings after far too long.

Now, it looks like they may not quite be out of the woods after all.

Cook now admits that any contact he and drummer Doug Clifford have with John Fogerty is through legal teams and as he and Clifford announced the retirement of their Creedence Clearwater Revival offshoot, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, their former bandmate’s got a few questions regarding both their timing – and their motives.

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Formed in 1995, Creedence Clearwater Revisited announced that they’re hanging it up after more than 20 years on the road once they finish up their scheduled 2019 dates. Coincidentally, John Fogerty also announced plans of his own – My 50 Year Trip, his eagerly awaited Las Vegas residency to take place at the Wynn’s Encore Theater.

Fans may not have blinked at the quick turnaround of the two announcements, but John Fogerty certainly didn’t miss it. “Isn’t that funny?” he told Rolling Stone today. “They could have said it two weeks ago or the day after next week. But it’s them dogging my career, so it’s not unusual.”


While CCR’s decision to announce their retirement got under Fogerty’s skin, it’s worth noting that Stu Cook still sees recent moves as a step in the right direction. Namely, the founding of Creedence Clearwater Revival LLC, a joint venture that’ll oversee the band’s first ever line of official merchandise – and if we’re lucky, the long awaited release of the band’s Woodstock performance footage, which has yet to see the light of day.

“It’s not what most people would call a reunion, but it’s still a milestone,” Cook said. “It’s a landmark in our relationship, given how it’s not been a thing of beauty the last 45 years. There’s still a lot of stuff to iron out, but things are functioning more like they should. There’s more trust. From my perspective, it bodes well that we can at least have all the water and mud and s— under the bridge.”

But don’t call it a reconciliation.

John Fogerty made it pretty clear that there are still issues between the surviving members of Creedence Clearwater Revival, so don’t expect a reunion – especially since he doesn’t even follow them on social media.

“I don’t follow them on Twitter or anything.”