Roy Orbison Talks Competition, Finances, and Style in 1965

Roy Orbison Talks Competition, Finances, and Style in 1965 | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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#1 Male Personality

On New Years day in 1965, Roy Orbison was interviewed by an Australian TV host. The musician could not have been a more heartwarming guest. Orbison had just become an international super star but was responding to the interviewer as if he had just been pulled off the street like a busker. The legend seemed completely un-phased by his new level in society. (

“Roy, How do you see yourself in the entertainment world?”

“Well, I’ve never thought of it like that. I’ve never looked at myself in what position with the other artists. I just look at my own career and if it’s doing well, I’m satisfied.”



Orbison matter-of factly explains that he had just been voted #1 Male Vocalist in the world and #1 Male Personality in the music business. He explains that he doesn’t know what it means to be “#1 Male Personality.” Despite Orbison’s uncertainty, his answers give away exactly why he was nominated for #1 personality- he’s soft spoken, un-presuming, and genuine. All of those traits are ironic traits for an icon of his caliber.


Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

“Who do you see as your main rival?” asks the interviewer. Orbison mentions The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, and Bobby Vinton. It has been over 50 years since the 1965 interview and all of the aforementioned musicians have since described Roy Orbison as one of their main inspirations. He was an icon to all of the icons! The genius rock musician had already sold 18 million records and earned over 1 million dollars before this Australian interview.

“Everything looks real good,” he confirmed. 


Orbison clarifies his style by explaining, “I think when you’re in the entertainment business you sort of get to wear what you want to wear.” The rock star smiles away from the camera. Not one smug vibe at all is expressed by Orbison, just maybe a little embarrassment. In regards to his jet black hair he explains that he puts a rinse through his mane and his hair is brown. He contextualized by stating, “It’s actually the color of Elvis Presley’s when he doesn’t put a rinse in it.” Based off Roy Orbison’s down-to-earth personality- the icon was one of the most attractive people to have lived.


circa 1965: American rock’n’roll singer Roy Orbison (1936 – 1988) in London. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)