Santana Gets Giddy Over 7 Year Old’s “Samba Pa Ti” Performance

Santana Gets Giddy Over 7 Year Old’s “Samba Pa Ti” Performance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Samba Stunner

Lucciano Pizzichini was brought onto A Mexican late night show called “Mas Vale Tarde,” in 2008 to perform in front of Carlos Santana. The 7 year old boy was almost as big as the guitar itself but as courageous as the Mexican rock god beside him.  With a little Spongebob Squarepants sticker on his acoustic guitar, he gallantly rocked back and forth to the rhythm of “Samba Pa Ti.” Santana watched on from an onstage sofa, clearly proud of the little rock star to be. He also swayed side to side and clapped along with the foot tapping of the tiny guitarist. The crowd was feeling it too as they waived their arms around to the easy listening.  It was the kind of jam session you expect on a warm summer afternoon.




The tiny virtuoso was on fire! He plucked along to the guitar with controlled technique. You could hear every note clearly and perfectly- the music was so smooth. Everyone in the studio was completely vibin’ along to “Samba Pa Ti.” The television host asks the little boy (in Spanish), how it felt to have performed Santana’s music in front of the legend himself. It might have been the nerves but Lucciano responded with a smile and a shrug- cute! The crowd, along with Santana, up-roared with laughter at the innocent response from the boy. Everyone was loving it and Santana was definitely impressed and gets super giddy! Goes to show how timeless his music is.


Who knows… maybe that Spongebob sticker gave the young kid some sort of luck because he totally nailed the live performance! 


YouTube / jayjay39951