Rod Stewart Worried We’re Too Late To Stop Global Warming

Rod Stewart Worried We’re Too Late To Stop Global Warming | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Rod Stewart live in 2018 - ViVaHD / Youtube

Rod Stewart says that we’re too late on dealing with climate change and that any action done would not be enough to stop it.

In a conversation with host Chris Evans on the How To Wow podcast, he said, “I think the good Lord is intent on wiping us all out, because we’ve spoiled the Earth. We’ve spoiled it. I think it’s too late to turn back now, I think global warming is going to spoil the Earth. We’re literally, I believe we’re too late. … And now with that prick in the White House, pulling out of the Paris Accord, it’s terrible.”

He compared the mood of the COVID-19 pandemic versus Britain during World War II, referencing wisdom passed down by her 91-year-old sister. She told Stewart that “when the air raids were finished, the siren would go off. Everybody would go to out in the streets and off to the pub if it was still standing, and go to the theater if it was still standing. With this, you can’t. No, you just can’t. We’re gonna go into another lockdown again.”

Stewart’s summer tour with Cheap Trick was postponed due to the pandemic. While he isn’t sure if he’ll be able to sing in front of people again, he has a vision of returning to the performing by inviting fans to his Los Angeles home for a celebratory event rather than go on tour again. “I have 54 acres here, and I have one field over in the back. And every time me and [wife] Penny go over there we go, ‘This would be great for a festival. It’s perfect.’ That’s what I’d love to do. … You’d get 50,000 in there easily,” he said.